MMI Expands Globally with Multiple Distribution Agreements and Regulatory Approvals

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Medical Microinstruments, has achieved significant milestones with its Symani® Surgical System, expanding its global reach across continents.

In Japan, MMI has secured an exclusive distribution agreement with Gunze Medical Limited to introduce Symani pending regulatory approval, enabling microsurgery and supermicrosurgery.

Symani recently received regulatory clearances in 35 countries, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Taiwan, following FDA approval in the United States earlier this year.

In Europe, MMI has partnered with Synektik Group to enhance distribution across Eastern Europe.

The rising global demand for precise surgical solutions, particularly in Asia. The Symani system facilitates complex surgeries by enabling precise procedures like anastomosis and suturing of small anatomical structures.

President of Gunze Medical Limited, emphasized their commitment to advancing robotic-assisted microsurgery in Japan.

Founder and CEO of Synektik, praised Symani's impact on procedures like lymphedema repair and head and neck cancer reconstruction in Eastern Europe.

MMI's partnerships and regulatory achievements underscore its mission to expand access to advanced microsurgical techniques globally, supporting surgical innovation and improving patient outcomes.






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