Body Vision Medical's LungVision® Awarded Innovative Technology Contract by Vizient

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Body Vision Medical's LungVision® has been awarded an Innovative Technology contract by Vizient, Inc., the largest healthcare performance improvement company in the U.S.

This recognition follows an extensive evaluation process by Vizient's customer-led councils, which highlighted LungVision®'s unique capabilities in enhancing clinical care and improving operational efficiency across healthcare settings.

LungVision® integrates AI-driven real-time imaging and augmented fluoroscopy with precise image-guided navigation, distinguishing itself in the navigational bronchoscopy field.

This system enhances diagnostic accuracy for lung diseases, particularly lung cancer, by facilitating more precise biopsies and treatment planning.

Its compatibility with existing bronchoscopy setups and cost-effectiveness make it accessible to various medical institutions, promoting earlier cancer detection and improved patient outcomes.

Vice President of Sales and Market Development at Body Vision Medical, expressed gratitude for Vizient's recognition, noting that the contract simplifies access to this groundbreaking technology for healthcare providers.

Vizient's endorsement underscores LungVision®'s potential to significantly advance quality care in lung disease diagnosis and treatment.






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